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Introducing GRAFE LECOCQ to America

The Grafe family has agreed to appoint Logistics Edge as its US importer for the full range of wines they have been offering in Europe for almost 150 years.

Since 1879, as an Eleveur-negociant, the Grafe family has been choosing wines from across France, placing each in barrels, to be aged in caves below their mountain in Namur, Belgium.

  • Their focus is upon smaller -- often little known -- growers in each of the key wine regions of France.
  • Their commitment is to buy only the best wine available, year by year, and then age each according to that wine's specific promise.
  • Their process is time honored; their equipment is state of the art.

The wines of France are the most recognized in the world. The sharp sophistication of Bordeaux;
the unforgettable flavor of White Burgundies; the exotic fruit of the French countryside.

Well-chosen, they give your customer satisfaction and, perhaps more importantly, the confidence that their guests will appreciate and admire the choice.

GRAFE LECOCQ wine on the shelf, list and table tells your customers that the work of choosing the right wine of that variety, at the right price, is already done,
and done by people who have been doing it right since 1879.

Learn more about Grafe' Lecocq

You can have a complete vision of Grafe' Lecocq in America by visiting Grafe' Lecocq in America, including a full portfolio of the wines available here in the USA.

And, to see Grafe' Lecocq at home, in Belgium,please watch a short video of a recent event at Grafe Lecocq's cellars in Namur, Belgium

140 years Grafé Lecocq - Aftermovie of the Press Conference - May 2019


For information and sales, contact Donald Laghezza Managing Director, Logistics Edge, LLC