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USA welcomes ENOPORT Wines of Portugal

Over the years, Enoport Wines unified some of the oldest and well-known Portuguese wine companies -
Caves Velhas, Caves Dom Teodósio, Adegas Camilo Alves, and Caves Moura Basto, consolidating an extensive portfolio of brands, among them – Cabeça de Toiro, Lagosta, Faisão, Quinta São João Batista, Bucellas, Quinta do Boição, Romeira, Amarante, Fim de Século, Caves Velhas and Casaleiro.

The Group owns 7 single estates, distributed throughout the various wine growing regions of Portugal, with a total of 400 hectares of land and 4 vinification centers.
The wines cross different regions, with very distinct characteristics, so that Enoport Wines can be present to celebrate all occasions.

Following discussion, tastings and research, we determined to introduce wines from two separate regions. We feel that they will offer the American drinker two very different experiences within the Portuguese wine world.

Portugal Vineyards

Lagosta Vinho Verde DOC

This brand of wine comes from the Vinho Verde wine region of Northwest Portugal, known for its mild temperatures and abundant rain. It has been enjoyed in Portugal since 1902, making it one of the oldest wine brands in the country. These wines are popularly priced, perfect for younger drinkers, and are especially enjoyed in warmer weather.

Find out more about these flavorful Lagosta White, Rose' and Ice wines. Tasting Notes of Lagosta wines


One of the oldest brands of the TEJO region of Central Portugal, we are offering the award winning CASALEIRO wine at a surprisingly reasonable price. Please sample our initial offerings for 2022: CASALEIRO Colheita Red and White; and the CASALEIRO Reserve Red.

And, please review the Tasting Notes & PairingsTasting Notes and Pairing ideas in this video about the CASALEIRO European and Asian medal winners

And, select only the best wine available, year by year... each aged and "elevated" according to that wine’s specific promise... by people we know and trust.

Retailers, restaurants, and caterers want wine on their shelves, on their wine-lists, and on their tables that will sell themselves: Wine that people want to drink; wine that their customers want to offer to their guests.

Well-chosen, they give your customers satisfaction and, perhaps more importantly, the confidence, that the customer's guests will appreciate and admire the choice.

We see providing these wines as our Mission. View Our Selections page for an idea of what is already available.

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