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Notes on our available wines

Guignards  Les Guignards 2017 - AOC Côtes de Duras... Sauvignon blanc 90% and Muscadelle 10%.
  Beautiful colour, with green inflection. The charming nose is both fresh and expressive and evokes at the same time black currant, fruit from the orchard, hints of citrus fruits and rose.
  It's an expressive wine, well-balanced, harmonious which combines Sauvignon's freshness and Muscadelle's tenderness. Very versatile and Delicious!
Consumption recommendation: 2019-2021.
Food pairing: An ideal fellow for the aperitif of warm days or to be served with seafood, shellfish and poached fishes.

Viognier  Cépage Viognier 2017-Vin de Pays d'Oc IGP... 100% Viognier.
  Intensely perfumed, white fruits, apricot, with also mango and floral notes. The mouth shows also great intensity and a good balance with a mastered acidity. Very delicious, charming wine.
Consumption recommendation: 2018-2021.
Food pairing: Aperitif, fish, aspergus, salads.

Corbieres White Corbières white 2018 – Cru du Languedoc 40% Roussanne, 30% Marsanne and 30% Grenache.
  It is a particularly aromatic vintage with rich, complex, and elegant flavors of white fresh fruits and citrus (lemon note) associated with a flinty nuance.
 The palate reveals flavors that are both juicy and round with good tension throughout the tasting. The whole is elegant, complex, long and intense.
  Balanced, aromatic and harmonious finish. A vintage full of personality, simply delicious!
Ageing: Aged for a few months in barrels. Natural clarification.
Consumption period: 2019-2022
Food pairing: Aperitifs, fish in sauce, grilled meats, hot and cold starters.

Laudun  Laudun 2017 - Côtes du Rhône Villages... Grenache 65%, Roussanne 35%.
  Splendid and strong orchard fruit flavours (mirabelles, peaches) on the nose with hints of spice shades of a lemon note. In the mouth, the aromatic intensity extends with dense, complex, and racy flavours.
  What we remember of this wine is the generous and persistent flavours. A magnificent discovery, off the beaten track!
Ageing: Matured for 4 months on lees.
Consumption recommendation: 2019-2021.
Food pairing: Fish, shellfish, asian dishes, white meats in creamy sauces, roasted fishes.

Vire-Clesse  Viré-Clessé 2018... Sauvignon blanc 90% and Muscadelle 10%.
  Aromatic intensity (apple, quince, peach, fruit paste) continues on the palate, with fruity, mineral, floral, very expressive flavors. The whole combines a round and creamy texture with a nice freshness. Delicious !
Breeding: 5 months in 1 year old wine barrel, on lees.
Consumption period: 2019-2022.
Food pairing: The balance of the wine allows it to successfully accompany richer preparations, such as fish in sauce.

Chardonnay Vin de Pays d'Oc  Chardonnay 2019 - IGP Vin de Pays d'Oc ...100% Chardonnay
Service: 10 - 12°C
Food pairing: Appetizers. Salads. Fish and seafood. Infinitely polyvalent.
Consumption recommendation: 2020-2022

Luberon 2018 Les Tonnelles  Luberon 2018, AOC "Les Tonnelles"... Vermentino 50%, Grenache blanc 40% and Clairette 10%
Beautiful dress with green and gold reflections. Intense and expressive nose with aromas of orchard fruits and citrus associated with a nuance of mango.
The mouth reveals flavors that are both juicy and round with good tension throughout the tasting. The whole is fresh, balanced, aromatic and harmonious. Simply delicious!
Food pairing: Very versatile. Delicious as an aperitif, with hot and cold starters.
Ageing: 4 months
Consumption recommendation: 2019-2022

Chardonnay Exception 2018  Chardonnay Exception 2018 - IGP Vin de Pays d'Oc ... 100% Chardonnay
Intense and expressive nose with aromas of orchard fruits, with a woody touch. The nose extends into the mouth with lots of spice, character and volume.   A relatively powerful wine, and a round finish, leaving an excellent memory. Woody note throughout the tasting.
Food pairing: Fish and seafood, starters. Aperitif.  
Ageing: 8 months in oak barrels. French oak.
Consumption recommendation: 2020-2022

Coteaux Bourguignons 2017 – Chardonnay  Coteaux Bourguignons 2017 – Chardonnay... 100% Chardonnay
Fine and elegant nose, very typical Chardonnay, with a mineral touch, pear and a touch of fresh almond. Balanced, delicate, very round mouth.   A charming wine, very fine, pleasant to drink, with a lot of roundness and a nice freshness. Master Purchase!
Food pairing: Very versatile. Aperitif, cold or hot starters, fish.
Ageing: 4 months, on lees.
Service: 10°C
Consumption recommendation: 2019-2022

Sancerre 2018 - Vignoble de Verdigny  Sancerre 2018 - Vignoble de Verdigny... 100% White Sauvignon
All the expression of the Sauvignon grape variety on the limestone soil of the Verdigny vineyard. Superb distinguished nose with aromas of ripe fruit, blackcurrant, rose hips, boxwood.   Nice expression on the palate, combining minerality and fruit, with good length. A great classic.
Food pairing: Aperitif. Fish (river), crustaceans (langoustines, lobster) grilled without sauce. Very dry goat cheese.  
Ageing: For 4 months to allow the wine to feed on its lees.
Consumption recommendation: 2020-2022

Minervois  Minervois rouge 2018 - AOC... 70% Syrah, 15% Grenache and 15% Mourvèdre.
  Beautiful deep colour. Intense nose of red and black fruits (black cherry, blackcurrant, raspberry, blackberry) associated with pretty spicy notes.
  The attack is juicy, greedy, easygoing. The generous suite gives way to dense and opulent flavors. The tannins are silky, fine and elegant. The whole is remarkable in its balance. A master-purchase!
Ageing: 10 months in oak barrels (2 and 4 years old). Natural clarification. Traditional vinification with vatting 20 days. Vineyard in HVE conversion.
Consumption recommendation: 2019-2024
Food pairing: Perfect to serve with red meats, game and more southern preparations. Very versatile!

Plan de Dieu  Plan de Dieu 2016 - Côtes du Rhône Villages Rouge... 70% Grenache, 30% Syrah.
  Black cherry colour. Beautiful aromatic intensity, dominated by black fruits and spices. In the mouth, this characteristic wine leaves the memory of a juicy and concentrated wine. Superb !
Consumption recommendation: 2019-2020.
Food pairing: Red and white meats. Italian dishes. Cheeses. Very versatile.

Les Altanques  Les Altanques 2014- Côtes de Bordeaux-Castillon 80% Merlot, 20% Cabernet Franc.
  A Castillon in a very Montagne-Saint-Emilion style. Black coloured. It's an out of the ordinary Castillon, concentrated, rich, flavourful, with a lot of depth, character and strength. Tannins are involved but covered by the breadth of the texture.
Ageing: Aged for 18 months. 25% in new barrels and 75% in 3 year old barrels. Bonding by natural sedimentation. Natural cork.
Consumption recommendation: 2019-2025.
Food pairing: You will enjoy serve it with red meats and spicy preparations..

Cuvée les Marnes  Bourgogne Rouge Pinot Noir 2017 - Cuvée les Marnes... 100% Pinot Noir.
  The nose is deliciously perfumed, with cherry and wood berries, and delicate spicy note. A Burgundy very fine and deep, showing great balance all along the mouth.
Ageing: 10 month in barrels of 1 year. No filtration.
Consumption recommendation: 2019-2022

Ch. du Buisson  2014 - Cuvée Particulière  Chateau du Buisson 2014 - "Cuvée Particulière" ... 75% Merlot - 5% Cabernet Franc - 20% Cabernet Sauvignon
Nice deep red color. The nose is intense, rich, with a delicate touch of black fruit associated to a smooth hint of vanilla. Elegant and charming flavors (black fruits and species) in the mouth.   The texture is supple and velvety with round tannins.   Lovely Bordeaux - Merlot Style. 
Service: 17-18°C
Food pairing: Chicken, beef, veal, Mexican and Italian food. Very versatile.
Ageing: 14 months in oak barrels in our cellars.
Consumption recommendation: 2018-2021

Corbières 2016 – AOC Languedoc-Roussillon  Corbières 2016 – AOC Languedoc-Roussillon... Grenache 30%, Syrah 40% and Carignan 30%
Great value. Nice red dark colour. Intense nose of spices and red ripe fruits, with a hint of minerality. Texture combining feeling of velvety, volume, and character. Tannins are present, well integrated. Typical "sunny" style.
Food pairing: Red meat, grilled meat, spicy dishes, cheese, mediterranean food.  
Ageing: 12 months in oak barrels
Consumption recommendation: 2018-2023

Côtes du Rhône Villages 2015  Côtes du Rhône Villages 2015 - "Cuvée Pierre et Charlotte"... Grenache 65%, Syrah 25%, Mourvèdre 10%
Nice dark color. Intense and powerful nose of ripe red fruits associated to a delicate touch of cinnamon and juniper wood. The mouth is rich, charming. The flavors are rich, velvety and creamy. It as a delicious long aftertaste.  
Service: 15-17°C
Food pairing: Various dishes. From meat to Italian preparation. It'll also pair with cheese, BBQ and game into the season.
Ageing: 15 months in oak barrel (1/3 new). Thanks to the aging, the potential is fully developed. 2015 is a tremendous vintage in the region.
Consumption recommendation: 2018-2022

Coteaux Bourguignons 2018  Coteaux Bourguignons 2018...100% Gamay
Charming from the first nose, with cherry fruit notes and a hint of floral (violet). Great red fruits expression and intensity in the mouth with a generous and juicy style. Smooth and well integrated tannins, good balance with a mastered acidity giving the necessary freshness  
Service: 15-16°C
Ageing: 10 months in french oak barrels
Consumption recommendation: 2020-2022

Tavel 2018 – Cru du Rhône  Tavel 2018 – Cru du Rhône...Grenache 60%, Clairette 15%, Syrah 10%, Cinsault 10%, Mourvèdre 5%
Magnificent rose cherry in the colour (with hints of ruby). Intense and blazing nose with red berries and spices flavours associated with a cuberdon tone. In the mouth , the taste reveals opulence and has character with lots of depth.
Fruits and spices notes are combined with mineral shades. The whole is intense, powerful, dense, vinous and distinguished. The end taste is greedy and full of charm.
Food pairing: Grilled meat, hors d'oeuvre, white meat, Italian preparations, tomato mozzarella.
Service: Fresh (6-10°C)  
Ageing: This rosé is produced from manual harvests. The pressing is done after a cold maceration of 24h. Low temperature fermentation. Matured during 6 months on lees.
Consumption recommendation: 2019-2022

Bandol 2017  Bandol 2017...Mourvèdre 50%, Cinsault 25%, Grenache 25%
Outstanding location along the Mediterranean sea. Combining the charming fruity style of a rosé with complexity and minerality. Elegant and long lasting.  
Service: 6-8°C
Ageing: For 8 months in barrels. Natural clarification
Consumption recommendation: 2018-2022

Cepage Syrah  Syrah Rosé, IGP Vin de Pays d'Oc 2018... 100% Syrah.
  A sparkling rosé. At the nose, we find an aromatic festival mixing red berries (wild strawberry, raspberry, redcurrant, etc.) with spices (garrigue) and cuberdon touches.
  The first taste is juicy, then it becomes refreshing, the end taste is greedy. A remarkable rosé simultaneously tender, vinous and full of personality. To discover as soon as possible!
Consumption recommendation: 2019-2021.
Food pairing: Appetizers, salads, barbecues. Great versatility.

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