Excellence in providing rare, quality wines

Why a group of Supply chain professionals decided to import European and other "old world" wines into the USA.

Over the last few years, we each had the same experience: Traveling in France and Italy; stopping at an uncharted chateau or winery and discovering some of the most delicious wine we ever had.

Two questions always came up, as we tasted: Why don't I know about this wine? And, How come I can't get it back home? In every case, the producers told us that they had not been able to form a reliable importer relationship in the USA, and gave up trying.

So, two years ago, we decided if we couldn't find it in the US, we would bring it to the US. As a result, Logistics Edge evolved into a licensed, fully functioning, wine importer in the USA.

We have some Advantages in our favor...

Edge Pros

Years of international trade and transport experience.

Network and people overseas to quickly and efficiently move product from origin cellars and growers thoughtout Europe and the Middle East.

USA-side assets in place to manage arrival, Customs, temperature-controlled storage and delivery across a number of key states.

Our Vision and Mission

barrels Partner with the often little known -- to Americans -- growers and bottlers in the wine regions of France, Italy. Our focus is to work with families -- people who have a long history, and a passion for wine.

Work with those who demonstrate time-honored processes, state of the art equipment and who select the most expertly cultivated wines.

And, select only the best wine available, year by year... each aged and "elevated" according to that wine’s specific promise... by people we know and trust.

Retailers, restaurants, and caterers want wine on their shelves, on their wine-lists, and on their tables that will sell themselves: Wine that people want to drink; wine that their customers want to offer to their guests.

Well-chosen, they give your customers satisfaction and, perhaps more importantly, the confidence, that the customer's guests will appreciate and admire the choice.

We see providing these wines as our Mission. View Our Selections page for an idea of what is already available.

For information and sales, contact Donald Laghezza Managing Director, Logistics Edge, LLC
67-38 108 St, Suite B-63, Forest Hills, NY 11375 (516)885-2865